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About The Victory Transitional Housing Facility

The Victory Transitional Housing (VTH) is a one year program that offers transitional housing to homeless men, women and children with a broad range of needs. The program helps individuals achieve and sustain a higher quality of life through resources and various training opportunities. The VTH program provides an opportunity for homeless individuals to save money for a future residence, gain information and access to services they need. Individuals meet with assigned financial mentors every week and participate in structured programs where their needs can be met.

The Victory Transitional Program offers specialized services and referrals to individuals based on their needs. Each individual develops goals with his/her assigned mentor and establishes a service plan with each resident. In case of job loss each individual is assisted with identifying and obtaining stable income. Examples of general services and referrals provided by the VTH are as follows:

  • Financial Mentoring
  • Transportation
  • Mental Health Services
  • Substance Abuse Services
  • Food
  • Further Transitional and/or Permanent Housing Options
  • Educational Opportunities
  • Counseling
  • Clothing

The staff at the VTH empower their clients to live a life of self-sufficiency during and after they leave the program. This is accomplished through promoting productive activities, as well as by providing encouragement, education and support. The VTH program collaborates with other agencies in the community to assist the individual in attaining the most effective, beneficial services available.

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