Caring for Angels Preschool and Daycare

Caring for Angels' Mission

"We aim to provide a positive sense of self-esteem and confidence through an assortment of interesting, stimulating, enjoyable activities. The goal is to enhance a child’s physical, social, emotional, and intellectual growth while allowing families increased flexibility in their work schedule and/or daily lives. We desire to provide your little ones with not only a good learning experience, but with a safe environment for them as well."

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Caring for Angels (known as CFA)

  • CFA offers preschool classes that will include music and movement, center and outside play. Additional centers to include science, social studies, and math.
  • CFA will also work with your little one on their social skills along with stimulating their small and gross motor skills to prepare them for their future academic endeavors as they continue their education in the years to come.
  • Play is a big part of your little ones’ learning. Each classroom environment is set up to stimulate your child’s learning at the level he/she needs to learn.
  • CFA will also reiterate learning through field trips and outings. Proper notice and field trip permission form will be sent home prior to departure.
  • CFA teacher/child ratio is one that is comfortable for your child to get the academic attention that he/she needs.
  • CFA will be following a public-school itinerary with the curriculum starting in September and ending in June of each school year.
  • CFA will then switch to a summer camp program that will run consecutively in when school is out for the summer.
  • CFA provides all morning and afternoon snacks

Program Operation

The program, delivered through Caring for Angels, a non-profit organization, is governed by a Community Touch’s, Inc. volunteer Board of Directors, which consists of agency and business representatives, community members and parents. Site Coordinator supervises the day-to-day program management and report to the Executive Director.

Parental Involvement

Parents are encouraged to become actively involved with the program by volunteering to participate and assist with programs, events, and projects, or share skills or interests with the children.

Scheduled Hours:

School Hours:

8:45 a.m. – 2:45 p.m.

Day Care Hours:
6:00 a.m.-6:00 p.m.

Hours of Operation:

Mon - Fri  6am – 6pm

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We ask that all children be brought directly to the daycare to prevent any accidents. Our attendance records will be marked immediately upon arrival. Please do not allow your child to run freely in the hallway or other parts of the building. We ask that you park your car instead of pulling up to the door when bringing your child into the daycare to avoid delaying the school drop-off.


All children should be picked up by 6:00pm. If someone other than a parent or the person who usually picks up your child will be coming, we must be notified before pick-up by the parents. If we are unfamiliar with this person, ID may be asked for.

Late Pick-up

  • Daycare Children are to be picked up at 6:00 pm each day, to ensure closing of the program at its scheduled time.’
  • A late fee is assessed if children are picked up after scheduled closing time. The fee is $5 per child for every 5 minutes they are late.
  • Chronic late pick-ups will result in dismissal from the program:
  • First offense – Policy Reminder with late fees
  • Second offense – Removal from program for 5 days, with late fees
  • Third offense – Service is no longer offered.

This payment should be paid to the person on duty at the time of the late pick-up.

While a phone call is appreciated, it will not exempt a late fee.

If you no longer need our daycare services, we ask that you give at least a two-week notice if possible.

Registration Fee

A nonrefundable fee of $50.00 is charged upon enrollment. This may be paid in advance or on the first day of your child’s attendance to daycare.


Tuition is due on Monday morning of each week that your child is enrolled. Tuition is paid to reserve a space for your child therefore it is not based on attendance. The entire tuition is due regardless of absence for illness or closing due to holidays or inclement weather. You may make your payment in the form of cash, check or a money order made payable to Caring for Angels (CFA) Childcare center. You may pay every two weeks or monthly, but this will be an advance payment. (You may pay for the entire month on the first of the month).

All payments that have not been received by Wednesday at noon will be subject to a $25.00 late fee.


  • Checks should be made to Caring for Angels Day Care. For tax filing purposes, your receipts and/or canceled checks are your permanent records.
  • There is a $35 fee for returned checks.
  • For Private Pay parents (those not qualifying for Child Care Subsidy), you are responsible for paying directly for Child Care Service at the beginning of the week. Your first payment will be the day childcare begins.
  • If you qualify for Partial Child Care Subsidy, your balance of the subsidy is due at the beginning of the month.
  • You will have until the first Friday of the month to pay for that month; if requested, arrangements may be made to pay on a weekly basis. If payment is not received at the scheduled time, you have until the next working day; if not received then, your child may be excluded until payment is received.

* If necessary, due to capacity constraints, preference will be given to children of parents whose work schedules require the greater # of child care hours per week.

Weekly Rates

  • $175 - Toddlers Ages 2-3
  • $125 - Preschool Ages 3.5-5
  • $125 - School Ages 5-12
    (Summer Camp/School Closures)

(Payment for part of an hour will be prorated to 10-minute increments.)

Before and After School Monthly Rates

  • Before and After School -
    $200 a month
  • Before or After School -
    $400 a month
  • All-day Rates for School-Age Children – When School Is Out - $25 a day