About Community Touch

Our Mission

We touch the lives of people in our community by providing transitional housing, practical tools and helpful resources to all to achieve self-sufficiency.

Our Vision

Our vision is to be an outreach arm of strength and support to the less fortunate in the community, to improve the lives of those that are affected by adversity, and to empower the less fortunate with life-changing skills for future success.

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Our Story

Twenty years ago, the Champion family had several buildings that were not in use on 20 acres of property owned by the True Deliverance Church of God. These buildings had been part of the Victory Drug Center that was opened decades earlier as a spiritual restoration and residence for those seeking healing from their addiction to drugs. The Champions had a vision to continue the work that Felicia Champion’s father had started and to renovate the buildings to further help the community. Community Touch, Inc. began in these buildings to offer ministry and outreach to the local community.

In November 2001, Community Touch opened Clara’s Faith House Food Pantry to help feed the hungry. In May 2003, it opened Victory Transitional Housing, which has the capacity to house up to 40 homeless people. In October 2004, Noah’s Ark was opened on the same campus to provide free clothing, furniture and household items to those in need. Community Touch responded to needs in the community and filled a void as one of the only homeless shelters in the County, and the only nonprofit in the area meeting so many specific needs in so many tangible ways.

In April 2009, Community Touch opened its first retail store to raise funds to support the other outreach programs. Noah’s Ark Thrift Store began in a shopping center in Bealeton to meet the needs of low to middle income community members who sought to purchase affordable furniture and clothing. All proceeds from the retail store benefitted the mission and vision of Community Touch. That retail store eventually relocated to Marshall.

Dr. T. Tyronne & Felicia Champion lead with compassion and have a passion to fulfill the purpose and mission of Christ by helping, serving and loving our neighbors as we love ourselves.

Today, all outreach missions of Community Touch are working hard and thriving to serve our local communities.

Our Staff

Tyronne Champion
Executive Director

Felicia Champion
Program Director

Case Workers

Virginia Housing Supportive Program (VHSP)

Darlene Green
VHSP Caseworker

Valencia Bailey
VHSP Caseworker

Karen Brown
Victory Transitional Housing - Caseworker

Angela Robinson
VHSP Housing Locator/Caseworker

Meta Blue
Homeward Community Information System (HCIS) Data Entry

Aminta Reyers
Office Administrator

A Mother's Story

A mother and her two children had been homeless for several years. Some of her children were placed into foster care, because of bad choices the mother admitted to making. This mother came to Victory Transitional Housing (VTH) feeling hopeless, sad, and rejected because of a lack of support. She was extremely sensitive, insecure and negative towards life. She seldom smiled and she cried a lot. She was unemployed at the time and had a lot of debt. Upon entering the VTH program, this mother was assigned a financial mentor. The mentors work with the residents to help them meet their personal financial goals and teach money management as well as saving and debt reduction practices.  The mother obtained employment, developed a budget for the first time, and paid off some of her debt.

Her accomplishments put a smile on her face, and she had hope again. After several months, this mother was approved for permanent housing for her and her children. Community Touch helped her family move into their new home and provided household items from Noah’s Ark Outreach. During a follow-up call, the mother informed CTI that she and her children are doing well. She expressed gratitude for all of the help that she received at Victory Transitional Housing.

A Father's Story

A single father and his two children became homeless after a bad separation from his wife. He and his children were sleeping on the floor in the back room at his place of employment.  A customer noticed that the children were always with the father at work. The customer told the father about the Victory Transitional Housing program at CTI. Shortly after, the father and his two children moved into the VTH program. The VTH case worker discovered that the children had serious underlying emotional issues, such as abandonment, rejection, and anger, after the mother left the home. The father was very depressed as well. A service plan was put in place to get the necessary counseling support that they all needed.

Unfortunately, the father lost his job. The case worker revamped his service plan and found him some helpful community resources such as the DARS program (which is a vocational rehabilitation service) and free daycare at Caring for Angels which is located on the CTI and VTH campus. This single father was determined to raise his children, go to school and find a job - against all odds. After extended stay in the VTH program, the father felt that he was ready to move out on his own. The VTH case worker found affordable housing for him and his children. The VTH also helped him with a security deposit and the first month’s rent. CTI helped him to move his family into their new home and provided household items from Noah’s Ark Outreach. The father and his children are doing well and are grateful for the services that Community Touch was able to provide to their family.

Board of Directors

Dr. T. Tyronne Champion

Co-Founder & Executive Director

Tyronne is the  Co/Founder and currently serves as the Executive Director for Community Touch, Inc. Tyronne has worked in the banking and real estate industry for more than 20 years,  he also worked as a fundraiser for 14 years. He is the Senior Pastor of True Deliverance Ministries Bealeton the founding church that assisted in the formation of Community Touch. Read More...

Tyronne’s education is a B.A. cert. in Christian Education from Spirit of Truth Institute a M.A. in Practical Theology from Regent University and a doctorate degree in Christian Education from Dallas Theological Seminary. Tyronne’s hobbies include golf, fishing and traveling. He  is happily married to his wife Felicia and has four children Alisha, Howard, Derek and Denzell.

Felicia Champion

Co-Founder and Program Director

Felicia Champion grew up in Capital Height Maryland with her father and mother and 7 siblings. In 1983 she moved to Alaska where she, her husband and four children lived for 14 years. Felicia worked in banking for over 20 years as a manager, quality control specialist and the corporate banking – liaison.  She currently has a bachelor’s degree in Ministry and Human Service from Liberty University. Read More...

Felicia Champion is the Co Pastor of True Deliverance Ministries, and Co founder of Community Touch Inc. (CTI) located in Bealeton VA., along with her Husband, Tyronne Champion.

Community Touch Inc. is a non-profit organization that helps homeless families in the local and surrounding communities. Felicia and her husband currently operate the Victory Transitional Housing facility which provides shelter for the homeless, Clara’s Faith House Food Pantry, Noah’s Ark Outreach that distributes free clothing furniture, appliances and household items and two Thrifts stores in Bealeton and Marshall VA.

CTI motto is simple, “Touching Lives One Day at a Time”. The organization has been an advocate for those who are less fortunate in our community.

Alvin Dillings

Board Member

Alvin Dillings, J.D., is a veteran of the U.S. Air Force (USAF), who served in the Judge Advocate General’s Corps. Following his discharge from the USAF, Alvin entered the private practice of law in Denver, CO, and Colorado Springs, CO. Honoring a promise made to his mother to work in community service, Alvin served ten (10) years as a Legal Aid Attorney in Denver, CO, representing indigent clients in federally-subsidized housing issues (evictions and foreclosures), bankruptcies, and homelessness prevention.Read More...

He also served on the Board of Directors of a non-profit corporation community whose mission was to increase home ownership for low-income residents in the Denver Metropolitan Area. Since relocating to Northern Virginia, Alvin has worked in the field of civil rights as a government employee. Alvin is an avid skier who enjoys skiing the slopes in the Rocky Mountains.

Nancy Evert

Board Member

Nancy was born in Chicago and graduated from the University of Dayton with a Bachelor of Science Degree in Finance and Management. She’s lived all over the country and has always worked with commercial mortgage companies tied to the GSE’s where affordable housing is in the forefront. While in Cleveland, she headed up fundraising events for the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation (65 Roses Club). For the Lupus Foundation, she orchestrated fundraising walks in Dallas, Dayton, Cleveland, and Pittsburgh. Read More...

While in Dallas, she was a member of the ORIX Foundation. After moving to Virginia in 2016, she joined Greystone where each year their charity committee hosts a ‘Day of Service’. During 2019, Nancy signed up with many other co-workers and visited Community Touch to help with a variety of projects. Shortly thereafter, she became a Board Member for CTI.

Robin Garbe

Board Member

With a background in marketing and event planning, Robin Garbe moved to northern Culpeper in 2002 for the equestrian community and found a whole new world. She soon became a Realtor with Long & Foster in Warrenton and has been active in the local real estate market for over 17 years. In 2018, she was looking for a way to help with homelessness in the area, and discovered Community Touch online. Read More...

After volunteering to help with Christmas gifts at Victory Transitional Housing, she so impressed with all that CTI was accomplishing in the community, Robin joined the board in 2019. She especially enjoys helping with fundraising, marketing and special events. When she isn't working, Robin enjoys her horses, hiking with her dog, gardening, reading, yoga and spending precious time with family and friends. She is a proud "Hokie", and attends church at Little Fork Episcopal Church.

Valerie McCawley

Board Secretary

Valerie McCawley has been with Peak Roofing Contractors, Inc. for 4 years, and is looking forward to many more! Valerie is the Sales Assistant and Brand Ambassador for Peak Roofing’s Warrenton office. She is responsible for not only keeping our sales staff organized in every aspect, but she is also Peak’s liaison within our local community. Read More...

Valerie is passionate about Peak and how Peak relates to our town and surrounding areas, especially ensuring that Peak is giving back to the community as much and as often as possible. Peak Roofing is blessed with having so many great customers, and that is how Valerie became connected with Community Touch INC. A customer, who is also a realtor and on the board with CTI, recommended that Peak become involved. Valerie was thrilled and jumped at the chance to be of service.

Melanie Morehead

Board Member

Melanie works for Greystone in Warrenton VA with fourteen years of experience in the commercial real estate/servicing industry. Melanie grew up in Manassas, lived many years in Fauquier County and currently resides in Lake of the Woods in Locust Grove VA with her son. She has been involved in charity work for eleven years with Greystone, for which she leads the divisional charity committee.


“Every year, Greystone would do a “Day of Service”, that is how I was introduced to the Community Touch. “I love being able to do for others and give back to the community. This is why I joined the board in March 2023.

Those who are happiest are those who do the most for others. I love this quote because it’s so true! I love helping with our charity events. It’s rewarding when you see the impact it has on those that need it the most!”

Mike Straight

Board Member

"I was born at an early age...just kidding. Raised in Northern Va., graduated from Thomas Jefferson H.S., played a lot of ball sports, got a B.S. from Cornell University, Masters in Counseling from George Mason University, worked at Fairfax Co. Schools for 7 years, started a painting company, raised, with my wife Terry of 47 years, 6 children and have tried to be a follower of Jesus Christ ever since I was introduced to Him through Young Life in 1969. I hope to contribute to the good work of Community Touch and recruit others to do likewise."